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Wallan Physiotherapy Centre are your local healthcare, pain relief and exercise experts. From elite-level sports to playing with the grandkids, your goals are our priority.

Established in Wallan for over 12 years, trust us to help you and your family return to a pain-free active lifestyle.

How We Can Help You

Our extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics enables us to diagnose and treat not only your symptoms, but also the underlying causes of your problem. As a result, we can improve the speed and effectiveness of your recovery as well as helping prevent future re-occurrences.

Neck and back pain

Sports & TAC Injuries

Hip, knee and shoulder pain



Post-surgical rehabilitation


Tennis elbow

Pregnancy-Related Pain

Work and Motor Injuries

Neck and Back Pain

Physiotherapists are the experts in treating neck and back pain. Not just dealing with the bones or muscles but with the nerves, joints, posture, ergonomics and everything else that can contribute to your pain.

Looking for a fast pain solution, lasting pain relief and prevention of a re-occurring injury? Try Wallan Physiotherapy.

Sports Injuries

From sprained ankles to shoulder injuries and everything in between Wallan Physio can provide you with the best care, advice and rehabilitation to get you back to doing what you love.

Hip, Knee and Shoulder Pain

Is hip, knee or shoulder pain limiting your movement or sleep? Wallan Physiotherapy will provide you with a comprehensive assessment, treatment and management plan to rehabilitate you from your injury as quickly as possible.


1 in 6 Australian’s have arthritis.

Wallan Physiotherapy can help you manage your neck, back, knee or hip arthritis through expert advice, treatment and suitable exercise programs.

Sciatica or Pinched Nerve

Compression of your nerves can be extremely painful. Wallan Physiotherapy can determine what, where and why your nerves are being squashed and provide you with effective treatment and exercises to quickly relieve your pain.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

We work closely with your GP and an extensive network of Victoria’s best orthopaedic specialists for pre- and post-operative physiotherapy, enabling us to prepare you better for surgery and shorten your recovery period. Surgery is the easy part. Getting your body back to full function as quickly as possible afterwards is where Wallan Physiotherapy can provide expert advice and guidance to ensure optimal results.


Wallan physio can assess your neck and determine if your headache symptoms can be helped with specific physiotherapy treatment, posture and ergonomic assessment or exercises.

Tennis Elbow

Tendinopathies such as ‘tennis or golfers’ elbow’ and ‘jumpers’ knee’ can be painful and quickly stop you doing what you enjoy or disrupting your sleep. Rotator cuff or Achilles tendinopathies can provide long term trouble without expert knowledge of the condition and appropriate exercise and rehabilitation.

Pregnancy-Related Pain

Pregnancy-related low back pain is a common complaint that occurs in 60-70% of pregnancies. Wallan Physiotherapy can provide gentle pain relief treatments and appropriate advice and exercises to minimise pain throughout pregnancy.

Work and motor vehicle injuries

Had an injury at work or in the car? Wallan Physiotherapy can provide evidence based fast pain relief to get you back to work, recover from whiplash and get mobile as quickly as possible. Our skilled physiotherapists are registered to treat WorkCover and TAC patients.

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